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Booking and cancelation for Sauna by GoBoat

You can book the sauna for 1½ hours including changing. The last 10 minutes are reserved for cleaning which we do (for free) so you have 80 minutes. If you are interested in booking the sauna for longer or for a special occasion, please write us an email at emaillllllll

Yes, you just need to follow our cancellation policy.
Until 5 days prior: Get a full refund.
Until 72 hours prior: You can get a voucher equivalent to the amount of the booking.
Under 72 hours before: You’re not entitled to get either a voucher or a refund.

Yes, you can park at near our sauna at XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Rules for Sauna by GoBoat

You are not allowed to bring food  into the sauna. You can of course bring your own water. You can buy white wine, rosé and beer, water and sodas from us. You can add the beverages to your booking. Other beverages (red wine, spirits, drinks etc. are not allowed).

Yes, you can bring a speaker, but please respect our neighbours.

No, you can’t be naked in the sauna so remember to bring a towel. You must always wear swimwear when using the facilities or while cooling down outside the sauna.

Everybody from 3 years and up are welcome in the sauna. Children under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult.

We kindly ask you to clean up after yourself and remember your personal belongings in the lockers. Our crew will make sure to clean the sauna between groups. Therefore, please exit the sauna 10 minutes before your booking ends for cleaning.

Due to environmental considerations it’s not allowed to use soap in the outdoor shower.

Your visit to Sauna by GoBoat

We are working on getting saunagus masters to help up. You are allowed to throw a spoonful of water on the oven every 5 minutes. The water cannot be from the canal.

No, you can’t adjust the temperature yourself. The oven is full automatic.

Yes, we have a changing room next to the sauna and we have free lockers for you to store your belongings. The lockers are at your own risk and only for basic storage.

We keep lost items for a minimum of one week. Contact the ticket office in the opening hours for lost and found items.

It’s not yet possible to become a member or to buy voucher cards.

Remember to arrive at the location 5 minutes before your booking starte since we’re not able to add extra time to the booking. Also note that you must leave the sauna 10 minutes before the booking ends in order for us to prepare for the next guests. This includes cleaning which we do for free. Please do tidy up before you leave.